What kind of sexual services in JAPAN?: Such as Incall, Outcall or Massage

Sexual Services List
Type Service Designation in Japan
Incall SEX Soapland (Brothel) *1
Intercrural SEX Fashion Health *1
Hotel Health *2
Blowjob Pink Salon (Blowjob Bar) *1
Touching the naked upper body while drinking Oppabu (Sexy Nightclub) *1 *4
Massage & Handojob Este *1
Outcall Intercrural SEX Derivary Health *3
Massage & Handojob Este *3
Others The bartender is a sexy girl and you can talk over the counter. Girls Bar *1 *4

*1 : You go to the shop.
*2 : You go to the designated hotel.
*3 : Girl will come to your staying hotel.
*4 : You can not cum.

Derivary Health

【CLUB VALENTINE】Delivery Health: Outcall@Osaka