What is a MURYO-ANNAI-JYO ?: Free Information Center of Sexual Services

“Muryo-Annai-Jyo” means “Free Information Center” about sexual services.

What is Muryo-Annai-Jyo?

Muryo-Annai-Jyo will listen to your request and introduce the best sexual services for free.

Services which you can receive.

“Muryo-Annai-Jyo” has rich lineups about sexual services.

For example massage, incall&outcall, sexy nightclub, pink salon,soapland and more.

So, “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” will fulfill your horny.

Why free?

Muryo-Annai-jyo introduces you to a sexual services.

Then Muryo-Annai-jyo can receive a kickback from the sexual services.

So, you can use Muryo-Annai-Jyo for free.

Why should you go to Muryo-Annai-Jyo?

If you do not use “Muryo-Annai-Jyo”, you will be baffled.

Ligal and Safety
Muryo-Annai-Jyo is approved by goverment of Tokyo, so you can use it legally.

No Rip-Off!
There is nothing to be rip-off at a Muryo-Annai-Jyo.

No need to find a brothel yourself
You just tell staffs your requests, they will select and arrange for brothels.

How to receive services?

The way is very easy.

You just go to “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” and say hi.

In the case you want to use “Muryo-Annai-Jyo”, you have two choices.

The first choice, you serch sites about “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” by your smartphone and visit “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” by useing the map on site.

The other, you ask to “Catch” and ask about “Muryo-Annai-Jyo”.

You should choice the first choice.


Black Tout

There are a lot of black men, called “Catch”, on the street.

They try to introduce sexual services to you.

They will talk to you in fluent English on the street to deceive you.

So do not believe in black men calling out on the street.

By the way “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” doesn’t deceive you.

So you should go to “Muryo-Annai-Jyo”!!

Illegal Muryo-Annai-Jyo

There are many “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” in Kabukicho.

Almost all Muryo-Annai-Jyo is legal and safety.

But, there are some malignant Muryo-Annai-Jyo.

So What?

We have confirmed that we can use the following “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” legally.

We introduce the most recommended “Muryo-Annai-Jyo” in Japan.