What is Oppabu (Sexy Nightclub)?: Incall Sexual Service in Japan

You can be lovey-dovey with sexy girls while drinking.
We will introduce Oppabu(Sexy Nightclub) which is one of incall type sexual service in Tokyo, Japan.

It is very popular with foreigners visiting Tokyo, Japan.


Type Incall: You go to the shop.
Service Kiss and touch naked upper body with drinking
Business Hour 18:00 – 01:00
Playtime 40min – 90min
Price 6,000yen – 20,000yen

※Business Hour, Playtime and Price are just a rough standard.

What can you do?

You can kiss with girls and touch her upper body while drinking.

Play of details

Rules are somewhat different depending on shops, proceed roughly in the following flow.

  1. You decide the playtime.
  2. You pay the fee.
  3. You will be guided when the turn comes.
  4. You will wait for a girl while drinking at the table.
  5. Let’s have fun while kissing or touching boobs!
  6. You will close out when the time comes.

Key point to note

The inside of the room is gloomy. Background Music is flowing.
Girls will change about once every 10 minutes.
Drinking fee may be charged if you treat a drink to a girl.
It’s possible that you can nominate a girl you like, but you may get a nomination fee.
You must not take off your pants and underwear.
Do not touch the lower body of a girl directly.

When are you recommended to go?

You can kiss and touching girls while drinking in Oppabu(Sexy Nightclub), but you can not cum. So You will be feeling horny.

Therefore, it is recommended when such…

When you have a blast with your friends.

When you want to raise up before going to customs.

How can you use it?

Let’s hit a “Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center)”!

Let’s go to the Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center) first without going directly to the Oppabu(Sexy Nightclub).

If you go to a Oppabu(Sexy Nightclub) directly, there is a possibility that you can not get in without understanding the language. In addition, some shops can not be used by foreigners.

On the other hand, the Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center) will suggest you a recommended shop after listening to your preference in English or Chinese.

Also you can negotiate the price and playtime before going to the shop. And the stuff will take you to the shop. It also offers discounts.

For a detailed explanation about the “Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center)”, click to the following botton.

What is a MURYO-ANNAI-JYO ?: Free Information Center of Sexual Services