What is Soapland (Brothel)?: Incall sexual service in Japan

You can get the best sexual pleasure in your life!!

We will introduce Soapland(Brothel) which is one of incall type sexual service in Tokyo, Japan.

It is a recommended sexual service when you want to enjoy slowly while relaxing as a reward for you who worked hard.


Type Incall: You go to the shop.
Service SEX
Business Hour 06:00 – 24:00
Playtime 60min – 200min
Price 20,000 yen – 300,000 yen

※Business Hour, Playtime and Price are just a rough standard.

What can you do?

You can sex with a beautiful Japanese girl.
Also, girls wash your body with body lotion on air mattress before sex.

Play of details

Rules are somewhat different depending on shops, proceed roughly in the following flow.

  1. You decide the playtime. Also you can nominate your type girl.
  2. You pay the fee.
  3. You wait in the waiting room until called by a stuff.
  4. Face the girl and enter the playroom.
  5. Girl washes your body sitting on a erotic chair(called SUKEBE-ISU).
  6. Girl will blowjob while taking a bath(This act is called SENBOKYO which means periscope).
  7. Girl wash your body with body lotion on air mattress. You can enjoy blowjobs and sex while slimy.
  8. Go to bed and enjoy sex.
  9. You take a shower.
  10. You will close out when the time comes.

Key point to note

Depending on the shop you have to wear a condom. The shop where the price is cheap tends to wear a condom, and the luxury shop(about over 50,000 yen) is almost without a condom.

There are few Japanese girls who can do anal sex. If you want to, please check in advance when choosing a girl.

There are times when you choose a short playtime(about 60 min) or depending on girls you can not play with body lotion on air mattress. Let’s check with your store in advance..

When are you recommended to go?

Soapland(Brothels) is the king of sexual service in Japan. Amount is high but you can get the best pleasure.

Therefore, it is recommended when such…

Let’s go to it when you have time to spare on your reward for yourself who worked hard.

How can you use it?

Let’s hit a “Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center)”!

Let’s go to the Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center) first without going directly to Soapland(Brothel).

If you go to a Soapland(Brothel) directly, there is a possibility that you can not get in without understanding the language. In addition, some shops can not be used by foreigners.

On the other hand, the Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center) will suggest you a recommended shop after listening to your preference in English or Chinese.

Also you can negotiate the price and playtime before going to the shop. And the stuff will take you to the shop. It also offers discounts.

For a detailed explanation about the “Muryo-Annai-Jyo(Free Information Center)”, refer to the following article.

What is a MURYO-ANNAI-JYO ?: Free Information Center of Sexual Services